Dr. James Wanliss

With so many crises and threats facing humanity it is easy to become afraid. It is easy to panic. But how does one decide whether a crisis is real and deserving of urgent attention? When is a stampede reasonable?  Since around April 22, 1970 the consciousness of flower children most visibly emerged as a potent political force. Earth Day represented the blooming of that consciousness,  teaching that human development must be stunted to 'save the planet.' The EPA is the fruit, binding US citizens with increasingly onerous green chains, limiting personal liberty, economic opportunity. Is it worth it?  In this talk Dr. James Wanliss, will demonstrate that eco-hysteria not only costs economically, in lower standards of living, but it is also costing lives. 

Dr. James Wanliss is a scientist, author, and speaker. Originally from South Africa, he
now lives in South Carolina with his wife, and two precious homeschooled girls. He is passionate about knowing God and sharing the love of Christ.
In addition to undergraduate degrees in applied mathematics and physics and an MS in geophysics, Dr. Wanliss holds a PhD in plasma physics. He conducted postdoctoral studies in space weather at the Canadian Space Agency and has been a visiting researcher at the Japanese Space Agency, UCLA, and the University of Washington. He has also done research as a visiting associate professor at Kyung-Hee University in South Korea, the Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory at Nagoya University in Japan, and Clemson University. He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, most notably the prestigious CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation awarded to outstanding scholar-teachers; and he serves as an expert reviewer for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change.
Dr. Wanliss has published more than fifty peer-reviewed papers and has lectured on topics as diverse as homeschooling, parenting, global warming, Christian apologetics, space weather, and the relation of theology to science.