Cameron Sheppard

Cameron Sheppard is currently a junior at St. Cecilia Academy. She enjoys serving as class president and theater guild secretary. She is an avid member of the St. Cecilia speech and debate team and has thrived under the leadership of her instructors and coaches. Cameron would like to thank her parents first and foremost for choosing life and for supporting her in everything she does. Her speech is dedicated to all women who have lost a child. 

"A true feminist would help a pregnant woman in need rather than sending her to the abortion clinic. A true feminist would acknowledge the sanctity of life and do everything in her power to protect it," stated Cameron Sheppard during the recent Tennessee Right to Life Pro-Life Oratory Contest for High School Students.

This 16th annual event was held at Aquinas College in Nashville.  Winners from 14 participating chapters across the state qualified to attend by competing against 36 public, private, and home-schooled students in grades 9-12.  Each contestant researched, wrote, and presented an original 5-7 minute pro-life speech on abortion, euthanasia, infanticide or stem-cell research.

A resident of Nashville, Cameron won the Davidson County Right to Life contest and also took home first place from the state contest.  Cameron spoke of the need to offer real alternatives to women in unplanned pregnancies.  "Women who feel stuck and helpless need support, not judgment. They need to know that we care about them and their children."