Craig Honeycutt

Craig Honeycutt is a concerned dad from upper east Tennessee that this past year found out that the state of TN had set a standard for 7th grade to teach 4 weeks of Islam.  Included in these studies is the religion of Islam.  His daughter was given curriculum about the 5 pillars of Islam, They were given 8 slides on how to bow towards Mecca. Versus were studied from the Quaran and even Jihad was cited in a power point as a reason to convert to Islam.  They were given curriculum handouts that says Islam teaches equality and covers the conversion of faith in Islam. They even studied how tolerant and embracing that Islam is towards Jews and Christians.

In addition, Mr. Honeycutt's daughter was taught revisionist history as a positive spin on Islam and the religion.  His presentation will take you inside teacher's emails, show you the state standards and take you on a photo journey in side of the curriculum that you will not believe is being taught in the TN middle school.  His presentation will take about an hour and will also include who is writing this curriculum their Islamic connections and we will also follow the money behind Common Core and its connections to this curriculum.  Also included will be the connection with Pearson publishing and its connection to Common Core curriculum. Mr. Honeycutt has spoken over 20 times in the state of TN. He had been to Nashville 3 times and has even presented his presentation inside of the state capital building to Senators and State Representatives.  You must see this to believe it. This concerned dad will take you on this journey putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together so that it all makes since.  All information will be presented in a power point presentation and you will see it first hand.