2016 Candidate Questionnaire

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State Candidate Questionnaire 2016

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Thank you for offering yourself for public service through elected office. Since only an informed electorate can make sound decisions, we ask you to state your positions so that we can distribute them to your potential constituents. Please indicate your position with an A (Agree) or D (Disagree) to the left of each question.

If you have any questions before marking your answers, please donu2019t hesitate to call or email bobbie@tneagleforum.org.


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3216 Bluewater Trace, Nashville, TN 37217 ~~

615.360.8810 Fax: 615.360.9005

State Issues

_____1. I will vote for legislation requiring a complete and accurate financial assessment of all costs associated with the refugee resettlement program that impact the TN state budget.

_____2. The manner in which the federal refugee resettlement program is currently being implemented in Tennessee, violates both the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and specific provisions in the Tennessee Constitution such as the mandated legislative appropriations process.

_____3. The state should have final say in the number, if any, of refugees brought into Tennessee by federal contractors.

_____4. I would support lawsuits against the federal government when that entity tries to enforce demands on the state that go beyond its constitutional authority and violates state sovereignty.

_____5. I will vote against a gas tax increase.

_____6. Should it be brought back before the legislature yet again, I will vote against legislation putting into place Insure Tennessee.

_____7. Understanding that it undermines the U.S. Constitution and the Electoral College, I would vote against legislation that would make Tennessee a part of the National Popular Vote Compact.

_____8. Understanding that the Legislature has passed two bills calling for an Article V Constitutional Convention, both dealing with a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution, I would NOT vote for the Compact for a Balanced Budget Amendment.

_____9. I would vote for legislation that would require Tennessee's federally elected representatives to meet with the Tennessee Assembly no less than annually.

_____10. I would vote against any effort to further legalize marijuana for ANY reason.

_____11. I would vote for a proposed Constitutional amendment that provided for election of the attorney general and reporter.

____ 12. If the US Congress sends to the several states a proposed amendment to the US Constitution defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman, I will vote to ratify.

Education Issues

_____ 13. Parents must have the right to exempt their children from questionable methodology, curricula, or classes that they consider privacy invading or offensive to their religion or values.

_____ 14. Parents must have the right to know about and approve ANY data collected on their students by the school system.

_____ 15. Parents have the right to see their student's test scores in a timely fashion.

_____ 16. School-based health clinics should not be permitted to perform physical or mental examinations, provide immunizations and medications, without direct, explicit permission from parents.

_____ 17. School-based health clinics should not be permitted to dispense birth control pills or birth control devices or make abortion referrals.

_____ 18. Parents have the right to home school their children with minimal government interference.

_____ 19. Understanding that "testing drives curriculum" I would vote against legislation requiring that home schooled and/or private school students take the same tests required of public school students.

_____ 20. I would vote against any legislation making Pre-K mandatory.

_____ 21. I would vote against legislation authorizing in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

Gambling Issues

_____22. A bill was passed in the 2016 session that creates a horse racing advisory committee to develop recommendations for legislation related to the establishment of horse racing in this state. I would not vote to legalize horse racing and expand gambling in the state.

_____23. I would vote against any legislation or constitutional amendment to permit Casinos or Casino-type gambling in Tennessee.

_____24. I would vote against any legislation that would legalize Video Lottery Terminals.

_____25. I would vote against any legislation that would legalize Keno games/machines, "collector card" machines, "baseball card" machines, "redemption" machines, or any other such gambling devices.

_____26. I would vote against any legislation that would permit buying lottery tickets with credit or debit cards.

Sanctity of Life

_____ 27. I believe that life begins at conception.

_____ 28. An unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life.

_____ 29. No state tax dollars should be used to pay for abortions except to save the life of the mother.

_____30. I would vote against legislation legalizing euthanasia (so called 'right to die' or 'death with dignity').

Click here to download a printable copy of this questionnaire.

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