Tennessee Delegate Selection Process

                                                                  Tennessee Delegate Selection Process

Tennessee will choose a Presidential candidate on March 6th.  Early Voting will take place February 15th - 28th.  Voters will be allowed to vote for one presidential candidate. The voter will also be allowed to vote for 14 delegates to be selected state-wide and 3 delegates from each congressional district.

Delegates will be allocated according to the votes cast in favor of each candidate.  If a Presidential candidate receives more than two-thirds (2/3) of the votes cast, that Presidential candidate shall receive all the at-large delegates. If no candidate receives more that two-thirds (2/3) of the votes cast, delegates shall be appointed to all candidates that receive more than 20% of the vote.  Delegate shall be apportioned according to the ratio of votes received among candidates receiving more than 20% of the votes cast.

For example if Candidate “A” received 53%, Candidate “B” 25 % and Candidate “C”
21 %. The ratio is rounded up to benefit the candidates receiving the most votes. Fourteen delegates would be distributed as follows:

Candidate A (54%) - 8
Candidate B (25%) - 4
Candidate C (21%) - 2

Delegates on the Congressional level are allocated in a similar fashion. If a candidate receives two-thirds (2/3) of the vote, that candidate receives all the delegates for that Congressional District. If no candidate receives two-thirds (2/3), the candidate that receives the polarity of votes receives two delegates. The candidate receiving the next highest number of votes receives the remaining delegate.

The ballot will contain a list of candidates committed to various Presidential candidates. This race among delegates is a separate calculation. Only delegates committed to a Presidential candidate that earns delegates are entitled to attend the convention.  Delegate positions are given to At-Large and Congressional district candidates based upon the number of delegates earned by the Presidential candidates.  In the example above, the 7 at- large delegates committed to candidate “A” receiving the most votes of all delegates candidates committed to candidate “A” earn delegate status.
The same method is used in each congressional district.

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