Eagle Forum Specific Objections to HR 3962

This is not an exhaustive list of objections, but just the highlights:

  • Provides for a "health care czar" called the Health Choices Commissioner, who could forcibly enroll individuals in government-run insurance and whose tasks include requiring random compliance audits on Americans' health benefits plans. (Sec. 223, 241)
  • Allows for "community organizations" like ACORN to assist the Health Choices Commissioner in enrolling individuals in the Health Insurance Exchange. (Sec. 305)
  • Encourages identity fraud for illegal immigrants seeking to gain taxpayer-subsidized health benefits through inadequate citizenship and legal status verification standardsPage 255, Section 345 of H.R. 3962 includes language requiring verification of income for individuals wishing to receive federal health care subsidies, and while the bill currently does include a requirement for applicants to verify their citizenship, it does not include a similar requirement to verify that person's identity, a key component of effective verification. 
  • Provides for 13 new and different tax increases, including an employer mandate excise tax of 8% of wages. (Sec. 512)
  • "Grandfathers" out of existence individual health insurance coverage. (Sec. 202)
  • Retains the "death panels" by providing for bureaucrats working for a new comparative effectiveness institute funded by a tax on health benefits.  The institute could publish the protocols needed to deny patients access to life-saving treatments on cost grounds.
  • Contains no ban on federal promotion of assisted suicide and/or health care rationing of treatments.
  • Facilitates leftist, social engineering policies such as rewriting current tax law to allow domestic partners to be treated as "spouses." 
  • Retains both the individual and employer mandates to purchase health insurance or else face a financial penalty, and compliance to this mandate will be enforced by the IRS. (Sec. 7201, 7203)
  • Imposes a 2.5% tax on an individual's modified adjusted gross income if they fail to purchase "acceptable" health care coverage. (Sec. 501)
  • Fails to hold Members of Congress to the same health care system requirements that Americans will have to live by under the public health insurance option. (Sec. 330)
  • Slashes Medicare payments to providers by more than $400 billion.
  • Creates dozens of new bureaucracies (118 to be exact) including the Health Benefits Advisory Committee and the Health Choices Administration.
  • Authorizes Medicare to pay doctors for providing advice to patients on end-of-life care.
  • Considers individuals to be treated as "children" up to the age of 26 for the purpose of remaining on their parents' insurance plan.
  • Imposes an excise tax on medical devices.
  • Cuts $170 billion from the Medicare Advantage program.
  • Institutes $729.5 billion in job-killing tax increases on all Americans, fines those who can't afford to purchase government-forced insurance, and cripples businesses by taxing health benefits.