SEC Resolution on National Popular Vote

Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee Resolution To Preserve The Constitution Of The United States To Maintain The Integrity Of The Presidential Election By Opposing The “National Popular Vote Compact”

By: James, Nathan; Cosponsored By: Absher, Allen, Ambrose, Beaty, Bennett, Blanton, Bowling, Brock, Buckles, Callahan, Campbell, Cannon, Clary, Cobb, Colvett, Jr., Cross, Curry, Frizzell, Gay, Golden, Green, Griffitts, Gross, Harris, Hatfield, Hill, Holbert, Holiway, Howell, Hunter, James, B. Landrum, J. Landrum, Lee, Jr., Little, Littleton, Looney, McCall, McClanahan, McCord, Mills, Oldham, Patton, Provine, Rice, Roland, Rout, Rudd, Ryder, Sedgwick, Sellers, Strawn, Webb, Wilkerson, Wilson, Winslow, Witcher, Wolfe, Wood, Woodall

WHEREAS, the Constitutional method of electing the President of the United States through the Electoral College was the method deemed best by the founding fathers of the United States of America for ensuring state sovereignty because all states, both large and small, are included in the presidential election process; and
WHEREAS, the Constitution preserves the balance of power and authority between the federal and state governments through the mechanism of the Electoral College; and
WHEREAS, the Electoral College has been tested and  has proven itself over 56 presidential elections as the method to best preserve our representative form of democracy, resulting in the election of a President by a majority of electoral votes not a mere plurality; and
WHEREAS, the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” if successfully implemented would eviscerate the constitutional Electoral College process of electing the President of the United States; and
WHEREAS, the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” would radically change the way we elect our President through a questionable legal maneuver by changing the rules of presidential elections via a compact between as few as 12 states instead of the normal 38 states needed to amend the Constitution; and
WHEREAS, Any attempt to form an interstate compact for a patently unconstitutional purpose ought to be patently rejected; and
WHEREAS, The interests of Tennessee ought never to be ruled by the whims of people from any other State or section of our republic; and
WHEREAS, The Grand Compromise between the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan have sewn together the lovely bonds of union for 235 years and ought never to be abandoned by any people claiming the mantle of freedom; and
WHEREAS, The Constitution of the United States Art 2 Section1 clause 2 requires each state to appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors equal to the number of Senators and Representatives apportioned to it; and
WHEREAS, under the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact,” a non-member state’s electoral votes are irrelevant because member states electoral votes would number 270 or more and they would award their votes to the national popular voter winner, effectively destroying the Electoral College by potentially contravening the will of the citizens of the several states; and
WHEREAS, the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact” would undermine the sovereignty of the People of Tennessee and give more populated areas power over the voice of all the states;
BE IT RESOLVED BY THE STATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE TENNESSEE REPUBLICAN PARTY that it opposes this attempt to undermine the U.S. Constitution and the Electoral College by way of the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact;” and,
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee does fully endorse retaining the constitutionally approved and time-tested Electoral College method of awarding electoral votes to candidates to win the office of President United States of America; and be it further
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee strongly encourages the Tennessee General Assembly to reject any attempt to enact or assent to the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.”
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be transmitted to the Republican members of the 107th General Assembly and Governor Haslam, The Republican National Committee and that the final clause of this resolution be removed from such copies.

Prime Sponsor: Nathan R. James
Republican State Executive Committeeman
20th Senatorial District.