Witnesses presenting on SB1028 HB 1353

Witnesses presenting on SB1028 HB 1353

The Honorable Joseph Schmitz

Mr. Schmitz served as the 5th U.S. Inspector General of the Department of Defense from 2002-2005. It is noteworthy that Mr. Schmitz was confirmed by the full Senate on a voice vote. As such, he was the agency head of the most expansive Inspector General organization in the world with statutory policy oversight responsibility for roughly 60,000 auditors, investigators, law enforcement officers and oversight professionals throughout the U.S. Department of Defense. As such, Mr. Schmitz has extensive experience in overseeing compliance with various international and security-related laws. In addition to publishing numerous articles and lecturing, Mr. Schmitz has taught advanced Constitutional Law at Georgetown University Law Center and has testified as a constitutional expert before several U.S. Congressional committees.

Mr. Schmitz’s manuscript titled “Inspectors General at War: Enemies Foreign and Domestic” for use by IG professionals, military and corporate leaders, is scheduled for publication this coming fall.

Mr. Schmitz has also served 27 years active duty in the Navy and later both as a reserve officer and Inspector General of the Naval Reserve Intelligence Command.

Lt. Colonel Joseph Myers

A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, with a concentration in National Security, Lt. Col. Myers has since served in a variety of capacities with a honed expertise in the area of anti-terrorism operations.

LTC Myers retains a Top Secret Security Clearance and has honorably served this country including 15 years of overseas service in five countries including 19 months of wartime service in Afghanistan.

He served as a Political Military Officer and Strategist at the US Embassy in Kabul and led the establishment of the inter-agency Illicit Finance Strategy Team there.
LTC Myers is also a fully qualified Joint and Foreign Area Officer for Latin America. He has consulted and conducted an organizational review of the Army’s Anti-terrorism Operations Intelligence Cell in the Pentagon that is responsible for providing strategic threat warning to US Army forces and installations.
Most recently, LTC Myers earned a Ph.D. in Public Policy with a concentration in Terrorism and Homeland Security. The title of his dissertation was “Understanding Terrorist and Insurgent Support Systems”.
He has served as a Senior Army Advisor at the Air Command and Staff College, and as an Adjunct Instructor at the Joint Special Operations University in courses involving combating terrorism.
LTC Myers is a prolific published author in particular on the subject matter of homeland security and terrorism.