Worldview Conference - St. Louis, Missouri

by:  Tiffany Miller


My mom and I left for St. Louis Missouri on July 8, 2005 about 6 AM. We arrived in St. Louis about 1 PM. We were welcome by the delightful Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cordner and the St. Louis Teen Eagles.

Little did we understand that this two-day event would be life changing. Just being with the Teen Eagles and Mr. & Mrs. Mike Cordner who run the Pillar Foundation on Friday made the trip outstanding. The speakers were great on Friday and Saturday.
We had two days filled with great speakers on subjects:

  • "The Need to Understand Worldview"
  • "A Charge to Teen Eagles"
  • "What makes America Great"
  • "The Need For Etiquette"
  • "Defending America Today"
  • "The Moral Issues of Embryonic Stem Cell Research"
  • "The Christian Responsibility to America"

We had a trip to visit with Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly at her Eagle Form office where she served pizza for lunch. What a great lady!

Our Conference was highlighted by a dress up formal dinner with Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly as the dynamite speaker: "Judicial Tyranny: Why Judges Should be like Umpires'. She gave each Eagle her new book, The Supremacists - The Tyranny of Judges and How To Stop It.

We hope to show some of the Conference at our next Teen Eagle Meeting in August.

Tiffany Miller


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