Monday, 6 May 2019
Abortion survivor missing limbs has ‘to live with someone else’s choice’

Nik Hoot first made headlines in 2013 as a high school wrestler who was missing parts of his legs and fingers. He lost them when an abortionist failed to kill him, but still managed to rip off parts of his body.

Born in Russia, Hoot was immediately placed for adoption and a year later was adopted by an American couple, Martin and Apryl Hoot. He immediately took to his prosthetic legs, ditching his walker and learning to run within two weeks, according to his mother. As a boy, Nik loved sports, playing baseball, basketball, football, and wrestling. He had his obvious challenges, but never let those hold him back.

“It’s self-discipline. There’s so much you don’t want to do like all the hard work and conditioning. It’s just part of life,” Hoot said in an interview with News Channel 15. “You’re gonna hit a lot of barriers in life but you really have to just get over them.”

Hoot thinks of himself as a miracle and knows that he can accomplish a lot of things in his life. He doesn’t see himself as much different from his peers. While he wasn’t as fast as the other kids he played sports with, he said he found ways to get around any limitations.

“I knew that I was supposed to be an aborted baby and it failed. It makes me angry because I would never want for that to happen to any kid. Anybody can become anything, and getting rid of a kid like that isn’t right to me.”

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Posted on 05/06/2019 11:19 AM by Bobbie Patray
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