Tuesday, 21 May 2019
A special session on House Speaker Glen Casada's future is a real possibility. Here's what you need to know

Now that the majority of House Republican Caucus members said they have no confidence in Speaker Glen Casada's leadership, unless he steps down, talk of a special legislative session is heating up.

Indeed, late Monday evening, Republican Gov. Bill Lee said that he is prepared to call a special session if Casada does not resign as speaker. 

"Today House Republicans sent a clear message, and I'm prepared to call a special session if the Speaker doesn't resign," Lee said in a statement.

So what does all the talk of a special session of the Tennessee General Assembly mean? Here's your primer:

What is a special session?
A special session, also known as an "extraordinary session," is when the General Assembly convenes to take up a particular issue. 

In this case, it would likely be whether to expel Casada from the House of Representatives.

Tennessee's first special session was held in 1796, the year it became a state, when members returned to Nashville to elect representatives to Congress.

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Posted on 05/21/2019 8:38 AM by Bobbie Patray
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