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Large numbers of Tennessee students not ready for college, new state data show

Newly released data detailing how ready Tennessee students are for college paint a grim picture of the state's continued challenges in improving K-12 education.

The data, released to the state Senate Education Committee at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday and obtained by the USA TODAY NETWORK - Tennessee, tally college readiness across the state in math and reading down to the high school level.

“Connecting it with local high schools clearly makes it more tangible,” said Mike Krause, Tennessee Higher Education Commission executive director.

It shows that while some public high schools prepare their students extraordinarily well for college, others have profound challenges and send many of their students on needing remedial education.

For instance, in Shelby County, Hillcrest High School, part of the Achievement School District, sent all of its 18 students who went to public colleges in Tennessee needing math remediation, the data show of the 2016-17 first-year college class.

Nashville's Whites Creek High School sent out 78 percent, or 28 students, into the state's colleges needing reading remediation. In Knoxville, Austin-East sent 80 percent of students, or 36, who enrolled in the state's colleges needing math remediation.

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