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State House GOP Caucus Votes 45-24 No Confidence in Speaker Glen Casada

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – After approximately three hours, House Republican Caucus members emerged from a closed meeting and announced that a secret ballot resulted in a 45-24 vote of no confidence in Speaker Glen Casada (R-Franklin).

Protesters awaiting House GOP Caucus members in front of the meeting location at a downtown Nashville hotel.
The meeting was held at the 21cMuseum Hotel on 2nd Avenue in downtown Nashville, just a few blocks from the offices of the Tennessee legislature. Many legislators were seen walking from the Cordell Hull Building to the hotel.

As they approached the front door of the hotel, legislators were met with about 10 protesters, at least one of whom was wearing a Williamson County Democratic Party shirt and another who wore a Rutherford County Democratic Party shirt, in addition to Justin Jones who was arrested earlier this year for assaulting Speaker Casada.

The caucus reserved a large meeting room in the basement of the hotel, the door to which was manned by a legislative staffer.  With the rental of the meeting room by the GOP Caucus, the hotel general manager said it included the entire floor. As such, all media and protesters were asked to leave prior to the start of the meeting at 2:30 p.m.  The news was not received well by members of the media, as they pushed back against the general manager.

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