State Executive Committee Unanimously Adopts Resolution on Advanced Placement U.S. History

Adopted unanimously by the Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee on December 6, 2014:

WHEREAS, The RNC passed a resolution calling on the College Board to revise the new Advanced Placement U.S History (APUSH) Framework "in a manner more consistent with...the course's traditional mission...and the desires of U. S. parents and other citizens for their students to learn the true history of their country"; and


WHEREAS, the RNC finds that "the new Framework includes little or no discussion of the Founding Fathers, the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the religious influences on our nation's history, and many other critical topics that have always been part of the Advanced Placement U.S History course"; and


WHEREAS, State Senators Dolores Gresham and Mike Bell have asked the Tennessee Board of Education to review these new requirements for Advanced Placement History due to the concerns that they contain revisionist views that inflate the negative events of U.S. history, while minimizing and often omitting the positive; therefore, be it


RESOLVED, that the Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee recognizes and shares the RNC's concerns regarding the New Advanced Placement U.S. History Framework; and


FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee commends Senators Delores Gresham and Mike Bell for calling on educators in Tennessee to resist any trend toward teaching revisionist history.


The RNC Resolution was passed in August of 2014 and is attached.


Respectfully submitted by


Kathryn Bryson

Republican State Executive Committeewoman, District 26