Tennessee's Marriage Protection Amendment


The institution of marriage--that is the union of one man and one woman-- has proven throughout human history to be the surest foundation for civil society and families. Thus, marriage must be protected in the law from counterfeits and devolutions in definition and in practice. The institution of marriage is neither purely religious, purely private, nor purely civil; rather, it is a natural institution, rooted in the order of nature itself. What must be upheld against attack are the privileges and benefits of marriage as have customarily and wisely been bestowed upon the institution by the favor of God, government and mankind.

Therefore, it seems both prudent and necessary to be reminded, through education and advocacy, of the compelling public interest served by marriage. Accordingly, RealMarriage.org is dedicated to the defense of marriage against any variations, experimentations, replacements, or deconstructions, thereby protecting our culture from undemonstrated and unknown social consequences, which plainly run counter to the stability, safety, and developmental health provided by the ideal of real marriage.

MARRIAGE WINS 81.3% - 18.7%
February 1, 2006
To all that worked tirelessly on the marriage amendment, let me say a PROFOUND THANK YOU. Because of the all reports we received about votes mistakenly cast, we had prayed that the Lord would restore 2 to 1 what the "locust had eaten". I believe God answered that prayer abundantly and we can rejoice!!
Remember that getting the majority of vote would not mean success. The State Constitution requires that amendments receive 50%+1 of the votes cast in the governor's race. Looking at the figures available, there were 1,810,140 votes cast in the governor's race. That means that the amendment needed to receive 905,070 to pass. Praise the Lord, it received 1,414,562 votes. It was worth twelve hours in the rain at my precinct and all the EVERYONE did all across the state. As an aside, a number of people thanked me for being there to remind folks about the vote in the amendment.
A couple of highlights from the CNN exit poll statistics: Contrary to what might have been expected we got a 77% vote from the 18-29 age group. Self identified liberals voted for the amendment by 52%.

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