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Universal preschool hasn't delivered results

Early education advocates want you to believe that the case for universal preschool is so airtight that raising any questions about it is an act of heresy. But there is a strong and growing body of literature showing that preschool produces virtually no lasting benefits for the majority of kids.

Proponents of universal preschool claim that when kids attend quality preschools, they grow up to be smarter, richer and more law-abiding. But this is a fairy tale not based on research.

More kids who attend preschool enter kindergarten knowing their ABCs and counting their numbers than their stay-at-home peers, it is true. But these gains fade, as study after study has shown.

Consider Oklahoma and Georgia, two states that have spent billions implementing universal preschool. Georgia's fourth-grade National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading score in 1992, when it embraced universal preschool, was 212 - three points below the national average. Last year, after years of universal preschool, it was 219 - still one point below the national average. Its math score was three points below the average in 1992. Last year, it was 235 - four points below the national average.

And that's the good news.

Oklahoma's fourth-grade NAEP reading score in 1998, when it adopted universal preschool, was 219 - six points above the national average. Last year, it had dropped to 217 - three points below the national average. Similarly, its math score was at par with the national average in 2000. Last year, it had dropped two points below. Since employing universal preschool, not only is Oklahoma doing worse compared with the nation - but also its own prior performance.
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new Christian Educators Association International
 Our mission is to "serve the educational community by encouraging, equipping and empowering Christian educators serving in public and private schools." We are the only professional association for Christians who are called to serve in public schools. Our members have served the youth of America since 1953 through classroom teachers, administrators, and para-professionals in education.

new EDAction - Action for a free Nation
 The EdAction (Formerly MREdCo PAC) exists to promote grassroots activism and work to ensure future Americans received a broad, liberal arts education equipping them to be successful at whatever they want to do. We work to oppose federal and state government's takeover of education through such programs as Goals 2000, the Profile of Learning, No Child Left Behind, School to Work, and the Workforce Investment Act.

Educational Research Analysts  We are a conservative Christian organization that reviews public school textbooks submitted for adoption in Texas. Our reviews have national relevance because Texas state-adopts textbooks and buys so many that publishers write them to Texas standards and sell them across the country.

new Free Congress Research and Education Foundation

An Internet starting point for parents who care about their children's education

new Education Consumers Clearinghouse
Welcome to the Education Consumers Clearinghouse

new PET

Professional Educators of Tennessee (PET) is an association developed to promote the professional status and growth of educators and the welfare of students, in order to make the state of Tennessee a better place to teach and learn. Organized in the 1990-1991 school year with 67 members, PET was formed to give teachers a professional alternative to the union membership. PET gives teachers a choice.   

PET provides access to professional liability insurance, legal assistance, state lobbyists that represent PET only in Educational issues, state meetings with all professional members having an equal vote, and much more-all for hundreds of dollars less than union dues.

new Gateways to Better Education
Welcome to an exciting way to bringa godly influence to your school with grace and confidence. I call it "Tending the Garden of Your School". For many years, our public schools have been seen as battlefields to fight on. However, nothing much grows on a battlefield. Instead, we can look at our schools as gardens to cultivate. Schools are enriched when Christians appropriately express their faith in word and deed.    This is an excellent site to help parents of public school students be effective participants in the life of the school, the students and the staff.

new Exodus Mandate Overview
The new mandate for Christian education should be, "Every church a school, every parent a teacher."    Exodus Mandate was organized in 1997 in response to the precipitous, widespread concern among American parents and businessmen, especially in the Christian community, that "Somebody has got to do somthing now about the education crisis in America."    Exodus Mandate also advances the proposition that private, Christian and home-school education can successfully replace public education.

new National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools
 The National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools is a non-profit organization that writes Bible Curriculum for Public Schools throughout the US. Many school districts throughout the country not only use the curriculum but also endorse it as well.



 101 Reasons to Home School Your Kids

star  Tennessee Home Education Association  THEA was formed for the purpose of preserving & defending the rights of parents to direct the education of their children & to provide a statewide network of support, encouragement, & assistance to home schooling families. Below are some of the comon questions encountered by us reguarding homeschooling in the state of Tennessee.

new The Home School Legal Defense Association
The Home School Legal Defense Association is a non-profit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed.

new The Home School Foundation
Our Mission
The Foundation's mission is to preserve parental freedoms, promote home schooling, provide assistance to needy home schooling families, and support like-minded organizations.

new National Black Home Educators Resource Association
Home schooling has been used by the Lord to give us the opportunity to be more family-minded than we might otherwise be in our busy society. Even the most forgetful among us melts at the thought of old fashioned family values.  

That's why NBHERA has taken this moment, right now, to touch the heart of the family. After we shared our passion for families to return to the old paths with home-school leaders across this great nation, we dreamed about the joys such an endeavor would bring.  

We have assembled (and are continuing to search out) a few of the most treasured resources that we believe will build up the family. One of our goals is to encourage, network, and unite families so that we as a people can keep our hearts and minds open to the blessings of the future.  

Just like the promises that are ours in God's Word, we welcome you to partake of these classic resources in hopes that they will bring to you and your family possibilities and promises of a timeless era to cherish forever.

new The National Home Education Research Institute
 Our Mission:

  1. Produce high-quality research (e.g., statistics, facts, findings) on home-based education (homeschooling).
  2. Serve as a clearinghouse of research for the public, researchers, homeschoolers, the media, and policy makers.
  3. Educate the public concerning the findings of all research on home education.