Thursday, 21 March 2019
Teen Eagles Visit the Tennessee State Capitol

Frances Arthur is the Teen Eagle Director for TN Eagle Forum. Below, she describes her latest trip to the Tennessee State Capitol with her group of Teen Eagles:

Yesterday, a group of Teen Eagles took a trip to the Cordell Hull Building (legislative offices) at the Capitol in Nashville. I'm insanely particular about which legislators my students shadow.

I'm also a very particular teacher. I set high standards for my students and fully expect them to rise to that level. They have to qualify to earn the opportunity of shadowing a legislator for a day.

It's difficult to explain exactly what my students do when they shadow. It's not a field trip to the hill. Unlike the teens I saw today wearing jeans, sweatshirts, and earbuds, my students dress professionally. And unlike the teens there yesterday who can say they "saw a committee meeting" since they quietly walked through the room as one took place, mine understand what is taking place and why it matters.

Today, one of my awesome students shadowed State Representative Debra Moody. Her amazing aide de camp is Colleen Curtis. Colleen made this video of Jacqueline Hahamyan, an experienced Teen Eagle from Williamson County. A million thanks Colleen! This is so much fun!

We're thrilled to see our Teen Eagles make such a great impression at the Capitol.

Click here to watch the full video!

Posted on 03/21/2019 8:03 AM by Bobbie Patray
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