Tuesday, 26 March 2019
GOP Rep Nails Top Dems for Playing ‘Right Into Moscow’s Hands’ With ‘Endless Partisan Investigations’

Mark Green





Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.) slammed top Democrats while praising the president’s stance against Russia in an opinion piece Monday, saying that they “played right into Moscow’s hands” by continually going after President Donald Trump in “partisan investigations.”

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed posted Monday, Green tore into Democrats, saying their “tough” talk against Russian meddling in U.S. elections does not reflect their true intentions and claiming that Democrats’ “actions reveal” their sole interest is “in ‘getting’ Donald Trump”:

Democrats talk tough about getting to the bottom of election meddling and standing up to Russia, but their actions reveal they’re interested only in ‘getting’ Donald Trump. Republicans have long seen Russia as a threat, and we — including the president — have acted to counter its aggression.

The Tennessee Republican continued on to claim that “Democrats and some media figures aren’t satisfied” with special counsel Robert Mueller’s report that found the Trump campaign had not conspired with Russia during the 2016 election, hitting them hard for “want[ing] to continue probing and keep this conspiracy theory alive.”

Yuri Gripas/Reuters

Acknowledging the “13 Russian nationals” that Mueller indicted for election interference and the money “Moscow spent” on divisive Facebook ads, Green added that Trump and Republicans responded by imposing sanctions against Russia “under legislation enacted by a Republican Congress.”

Green then praised the president’s “bold moves” against Russia, citing the sanctions placed against the European nation for its backing of “weapons programs in Iran, Syria and North Korea” as well as its “actions in Ukraine and its continuing occupation of Crimea.”

Win McNamee/Getty Images

The congressman also lauded Trump’s ejection of “60 Russian intelligence officers” and the closure of “multiple Russian consulates” following the Russian Federation’s “military-grade chemical weapon” attack in the United Kingdom in 2018.

Green concluded by stating Russia “in a sense” had “succeeded in its mission” of stirring “division and fear” in the U.S. before delivering a final haymaker to the Democrats:

Some top Democrats have played right into Moscow’s hands by pursuing endless partisan investigations. If Democrats care about thwarting Russian meddling and aggression, they will disavow their conspiracy theory that our president is Mr. Putin’s puppet, and stop wasting taxpayer money peddling disproved collusion narratives.

Green — a former major of the U.S. Army who had been nominated to be Secretary of the Army by Trump in 2017 — made headlines last week after he and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) introduced a constitutional amendment to limit the number of Supreme Court justices to nine amid calls from some 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls to pack the court, as IJR Red previously reported.

Posted on 03/26/2019 7:08 PM by Bobbie Patray
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