Thursday, 26 March 2020
Kids are Home; Now What?




Lori Herring is the mother of 4 boys whom she and her husband home schooled for 28 years. She is a retired RN who is now the Director of Teen Eagles in Alabama. She has compiled a wealth of sound, readily available resources for parents to use with their children while this opportunity presents itself

Eagle Forum was started in 1975 when Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly realized that American families were in danger. The danger is different in these unique times, but Eagle Forum’s commitment to supporting families remains its most important pillar.

Many families who never dreamed of entering the world of homeschooling have found themselves at home with their children, in charge of their education for at least a few weeks. This, my friends, is a blessed time, even if it’s difficult to see right now.

Now, take a deep breath…let it out slowly….and look at your children with fresh eyes…. The Lord has given you these particular children because YOU and your SPOUSE were picked to teach and raise His children. You are equipped to do this. Relax…ask your Father for direction and He will hear you.

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path.” Proverbs 3:5-6

IMHO, the best way to start the day is to take a few minutes to thank the Lord for your blessings and ask Him for guidance for today. He is faithful. He will be your guide.  Then teach your children to do the same.

I have compiled a list of free or low-cost resources available online that anyone can use from home.  It is by no means a comprehensive list. In fact there is so much available it can be overwhelming.

The best way to homeschool is the way that works for your family, for each particular child.  What works great for one family, may not work for yours. Don’t be afraid to change if it’s not working


For kindergarten, I recommend not using a particular curriculum. You are wanting to ignite the fire for learning. Children are born inquisitive and curious.  We just need to provide that fire with fuel and fun and it will burn brightly.  Most of all, READ, READ, READ!

Read out loud to your kids. Let them sit in your lap and follow the words with their finger.  If they are wiggly, let them play on the floor with blocks, or legos and read out loud to them. They are listening even if they aren’t still.  Every so often, stop and ask them to guess what’s next.  Ask them to tell you what just happened. The attention span of 5-year-olds is very short so don’t be upset if they can’t sit for several books in a row.

Elementary School

General Sites( free or very low price)

Middle School

High School 

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