The Article V Convention Lobby Unmasks Itself


If you think you’ll be voting on an application for Congress to call a limited convention under Article V of the US Constitution, you’re mistaken.

The convention lobby has been falsely assuring legislators for a decade that their applications will be aggregated only with 33 other states’ applications that are on the same subject or contain the same or similar language. Moreover, they’ve insisted that the convention can’t deviate from the subject of those applications; and, therefore, a “runaway” convention is impossible.

But these false assurances were always smoke and mirrors to trick legislators into passing their applications. If you knew that the convention lobby wanted a convention called where any and all amendments or a new constitution could be proposed, you wouldn’t vote for these applications.

But how do we know their assurances are false?

US Term Limits (USTL) has passed single-subject, term limits applications in only 3 States: Florida, Alabama, and Missouri.

But if you look at the Progress map on USTL’s website, you’ll see they claim 12 additional states where Convention of States Project (COS) passed multi-subject applications that include term limits—not the single-subject applications USTL promised legislators. COS applications also include the subjects “fiscal restraints,” and “limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.” The latter is so broad, it allows for “amending” most of the Constitution.

Furthermore, if you click on the light gray states on the map, you’ll see USTL is combining their 3 states (dark blue) and 12 COS states (medium blue), with 13 more states (gray) that have never passed term limits applications in any form! They’re creatively combining states that passed centuries-old applications from 1789 through 1907—the purpose of which was to get a Bill of Rights; or the direct election of US Senators; or to avert the Civil War; or for no stated purpose.

Thus, with a mishmash of 28 applications, only 3 of which are on the single subject of term limits, USTL hopes you won’t notice what they’re up to—so they can claim 28 states toward the requisite 34 to trigger a convention where any amendment can be proposed or our Constitution stolen.

The Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) groups are even more brazen—vaulting themselves to the finish line. They went from 27 to 33 applications overnight and are cautiously testing the waters to claim Georgia as their 34th state! Per this chart, they’re similarly counting centuriesold applications that have nothing to do with a BBA. Check out IL, KY, NJ, NY, OR & WA.

Our Constitution is getting in the way of the globalist backers of the convention lobby. And the easiest way to impose a new Constitution, short of a hostile takeover, is through an A5C.

So, why are they showing their hand now?

We don’t have to guess: their strategists have written about it. The lobbying groups have plateaued; legislators have had their fill of the issue; more states are likely to rescind applications; and their constitutional scholars are concerned that a limited convention, if called, might be stopped by an originalist Supreme Court if opponents sue.

They say timing is everything: the public is outraged at the corruption and dysfunction in D.C. And proponents need to grab whatever applications they already have (“a bird in the hand…”) and demand that Congress call a convention now. And if that fails, they say they’ll recruit State Attorneys General to sue Congress for a general convention.


And they’ll be able to use their opponents’ talking points in court: nothing in Article V or the Constitution says that applications have to be aggregated by subject; and nothing says conventions can be limited to the subject of the application.

After the convention convenes, it will be too late to do anything about the deception that triggered it. But you can effectively push back before a convention is called, by rescinding your states’ existing applications asking Congress to call a convention under Article V, and defeating new ones.

The convention lobby has demonstrated that they don’t believe their own narrative. So why should you?! 031021

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