No Municipal IDs


Companion bill has been assigned Public Chapter Number 1053 by the Secretary of State.
Majority Report # 1 for HB2312 / SB2333 .

The Conference Report was adopted 25-3 in the Senate and 69-9-1 and signed by the Governor May 21, 2018.

HB2312 by Lamberth - FLOOR VOTE: Motion to Adopt Conference Committee Report 4/25/2018 

          Senators voting aye were: Bailey, Bell, Bowling, Briggs, Crowe, Dickerson, Gardenhire, Green, Gresham, Haile, Hensley, Jackson, Johnson, Ketron, Lundberg, Massey, Niceley, Pody, Reeves, Roberts, Stevens, Swann, Watson, Yager, Mr. Speaker McNally -- 25.
          Senators voting no were: Harris, Kyle, Yarbro -- 3.


          Present and not voting...................1

          Representatives voting aye were: Akbari, Boyd, Brooks K, Butt, Byrd, Calfee, Carr, Carter, Casada, Coley, Crawford, Curcio, Daniel, DeBerry, Doss, Dunn, Eldridge, Faison, Fitzhugh, Forgety, Gant, Goins, Halford, Hawk, Hazlewood, Hicks, Hill M, Hill T, Holt, Hulsey, Johnson, Kane, Keisling, Kumar, Lamberth, Littleton, Lollar, Lynn, Marsh, McDaniel, Miller, Moody, Moon, Powers, Ragan, Ramsey, Reedy, Rogers, Sanderson, Sexton C, Sexton J, Shaw, Sherrell, Smith, Staples, Terry, Tillis, Travis, Turner, VanHuss, Vaughan, Weaver, White M, Whitson, Williams, Windle, Wirgau, Zachary, Madame Speaker Harwell -- 69.
          Representatives voting no were: Clemmons, Hardaway, Mitchell, Parkinson, Pitts, Powell, Stewart, Thompson, Towns -- 9.
          Representatives present and not voting were: Rudd -- 1.

House approves bill to ban consular IDs to establish identity

Municipal ID bill as it passed the House HERE . This is the language we intend to  pursue in the Senate.

The TN House passed HB2312 72-23-1. Now, on to the Senate.

TN Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition Leaders Finally Admit to Legislative Committee They Want to Keep Illegal Immigrants in Tennessee

All Nashville mayoral hopefuls support municipal ID cards

Soros Group: Cities Giving Illegal Aliens ID Should Hide Data from Feds

Rahm Emanuel Invents New ID to Ensure Illegals Get Their Welfare

Chicago City Council Approves ID Program for Illegal Aliens

Chicago ID Card can be Used by Noncitizens to Register to Vote?



SB 2333 by *Green, Bell, Hensley

HB 2312 by *Lamberth , Casada, Hill M, Holt, Boyd, Goins, Eldridge, Byrd, Matheny, Terry, Rudd, Alexander, Powers, Lynn, Reedy, Moody, Vaughan, Ragan, Weaver, White D, Daniel, Carter, Kumar - 23

Public Officials - As introduced, prohibits the use of consular identification cards, and other similar documents not authorized by the general assembly for use for identification purposes, for determining a person's identity or residency by an official or employee of the state or any political subdivision of the state; prohibits local governments and law enforcement agencies from establishing the acceptability of any such cards or documents.



Municipal ID Bill

HB2312 Passed the House floor, April 12,  72-23-1.SB2333 will soon be on the Senate Floor,



Identification Documents Bill Update

SB 2333 Green – HB 2312 Lamberth

Purpose of the bill: To ensure that only state sanctioned documents are used to establish a person’s identity while a resident in, or visitor, to Tennessee.

Why we need this bill: After the two ordinances that would have effectuated sanctuary city status for Davidson County were withdrawn, the sponsor, Metro Council member Bob Mendes, said that the “goals are unchanged” and that he planned to “refocus [his] efforts.”

Local jurisdictions, some formally declared sanctuary status and others operating informally as such, have issued local identification cards that are accepted by local law enforcement and for other purposes, as a valid form of identification.

How this bill works:  This bill is very simple.

•   It identifies which documents can be accepted by any government official or employee to establish a person’s identity.

•   Any local identity card program would have to be authorized by the General Assembly.

•   Local governments and law enforcement are prohibited from relying on documents not sanctioned by the General Assembly to establish a person’s identity or residency.

Local jurisdictions do not have the resources to make valid determinations as to the actual identity of those applying for a card or a person’s immigration status. With increased incidence of identity theft and fraudulent documents, there can be no assurances that locally issued ID's would accurately identify an individual or the legality of that person's immigration status.

Local identity card programs are characterized as useful to groups such as the homeless, and runaway youth in addition to “undocumented immigrants” and others.  Some card programs allow the card-holder to obtain services that require a photo ID such as opening a bank account, or using the card to access other services such as obtaining a library card. Some programs offer local card-holders discounted fees to movie theaters and museums.  

Locally issued identification cards, however, most benefit illegal aliens by enabling them to reside in the jurisdiction under an impression of lawful presence.

•   The amended language is consistent with the Tennessee Code:

•   matricula consular cards cannot be accepted as proof of identification for driver license application and issuance purposes

•   nor can the matricula consular card be used to obtain any state photo ID for purposes of voting

•   USCIS does not accept the matricula consular card as proof of identity for Form I-9, the Employment Eligibility Verification Form

              •   a matricula consular card is not listed among the acceptable forms of identification for domestic air travel

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