What's wrong with the National Popular Vote?

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SB 1657 by *Tracy,

(HB 1728) by *Sexton C

Election Laws - As introduced, adopts the interstate compact to elect the president by national popular vote.

FINALLY:  After months of hard work, continually 'counting votes', and the excellent testimony of our well spoken NPV experts, the Senate and House sponsors of the National Popular Vote legislation realized that they did not have the votes to get either bill out of the respective committees and both men pulled the legislation:

SB1657 Actions  March 30, 2016 - Assigned to General Subcommittee of Senate State and Local Government Committee

HB1728 Actions  March 29, 2016 - Taken off notice for calendar in Local Government Committee

NOW,  don't get too comfortable because I can almost assure you, with all the money behind this national endeavor, that we will have to fight this same battle in January 2017.  So in the meantime, please use the information found on these pages to educate yourself, your friends and family, and ESPECIALLY any candidate for the General Assembly you speak with during this campaign season.

Just vote NO on National Popular Vote ALERT



How the National Popular Vote Compact Attempts to Circumvent the US Constitution and Why it Should be Opposed by Governors and Legislators in All Fifty States


John Ryder: Popular presidential vote subverts Constitution


Republican National Committee Passes

Resolution Opposing the National Popular Vote Compact

 TNGOP Opposes Changes to Electoral College

Tennessee Federation of Republican Women Resolution Opposing NPV


Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee Resolution To Preserve The Constitution Of The United States To Maintain The Integrity Of The Presidential Election By Opposing The "National Popular Vote Compact


The 2016 Republican Platform OPPOSES the National Popular Vote Compact.


Heritage Foundation:

Destroying the Electoral College: The Anti-Federalist National Popular Vote Scheme


What's Wrong with Directly Electing the President of the United States?


Destroying the Electoral College Destroys Freedom


Destroying the Electoral College



'National Popular Vote' 61% of the way to skirting the Constitution.

George Soros and National Popular Vote

[Notice the amount of money behind this national effort!]

Jonathan Soros:  It's Time to Junk the Electoral College


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State Legislatures Considering the Abolition of the Electoral College


What is going on at the state-level?


â–ºThere is a national effort underway to change our Constitution and our

system for electing presidents. A handful of individuals from 11 of the most

populous states have started campaigning for the National Popular Vote

(NPV, www.nationalpopularvote.com).


â–ºThe campaign's goal is to get states with at least 270 votes in the Electoral

College (EC) to enact identical bills requiring their own electors to ignore the

winner of their state's election and cast all their state's ballots for the

candidate who the state believes received more popular votes than the other

candidates nationwide, even if he fails to win a majority of the popular vote.


â–ºBills to abolish the EC are currently being drafted and introduced in almost

all 50 states.


â–ºThe NPV has been editorially endorsed by the New York Times, which called

the EC an "anti-democratic relic.


What would be the consequences of abolishing the EC?


â–ºVotes of Americans in about 25 states would be rendered irrelevant because

candidates would zero in on piling up votes in large-population states.


â–ºElection efforts would be largely urban. Rural states' issues wouldn't matter

as much; big city populations and urban issues would become the focus of

campaigns; thus, the character of campaigns and presidents would change.


â–ºDemocratic factionalism would increase, resulting in a

multicandidate/multiparty system, instead of the two-party system we

currently have.


â–ºDirect election would lead to weaker presidents, since the winner only needs

the highest percentage of votes, no matter how small.


â–ºIn any direct national election, there would be increased election fraudconcerns.


Why should we work to preserve the EC?


â–ºThe EC represents the genius of our Founding Fathers and it was part of the

great compromise which transformed us from 13 rival colonies into a

constitutional republic.


â–ºThis great compromise gave us a Congress consisting of the Senate based on

equal representation of the states and the House based on population. The

EC is the mirror image of this compromise and allows all states to be players

in the process of electing our President.


â–ºThe EC is the vehicle that gives us a President who achieves a majority in a

functioning political process.


â–ºWithout the EC, we would always be saddled with minority Presidents

without an adequate basis of support for leadership.


â–ºThe EC ensures that no single faction or issue can elect a president because

he must win many diverse states to be elected.




â–ºThis campaign effort is likely just the beginning of an effort to bring national

government under the control of large and liberal states.


â–ºThe abolition of the EC contradicts our constitutional republic's state and

federal government sharing of powers.


â–ºChoosing presidents is one of our states' powers, and we should not remove it

to begin a centralized national American government!


The Subversive Plan To Ditch The Electoral College

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